• Welcome to the VISTA Training Learning Management System (LMS)

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    It contains a list of online courses that you can purchase and view immediately, including:

    • Silver Series courses, which average 1-2 hours in length and include pre- and post-tests. Their focus on basic operation and safety for specific types of equipment make them ideal for new hires and remedial training.
    • NUCA Pipelayer training: The Pipe Layer Installation Training Series from VISTA and NUCA covers the fundamentals of water and sewer pipe installation using modern equipment and technologies.

    All of the courses below are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Simply choose a library below and create a new login (or enter your existing one), pay via credit card or PayPal and you can begin viewing it immediately.

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    Immediately view 2 free lessons from Silver Series training course, Heavy Equipment – Intro & Safety (No Registration).