VISTA launches 9 new Silver Series training programs, plus a convenient new pricing model

June 19, 2013  |  Products

VISTA Silver Series heavy equipment training program libraries

Here at VISTA, we have just launched the biggest expansion of our Silver Series to date: 9 new training programs focused on various types of support and lifting equipment, plus a convenient new pricing model.

Silver Series programs are 1-2 hours in length, and help trainees learn critical skills needed to operate heavy equipment safely and productively. Because they are web-based, you can train operators any time, anywhere there's a high-speed internet connection.

9 new training programs

Within the category of support equipment, the new training programs are:

Within the category of lifting and rigging, the new training programs are:

Silver Series training librariesWith the titles just announced, VISTA now offers 20 affordable, web-based Silver Series training programs, which are organized into three libraries: Heavy Equipment, Support Equipment and Rigging & Lifting. Additional titles are planned.

NEW: Equipment library pricing

To help you better manage your training costs, we have introduced a new pricing model for our Silver Series programs: Pay one flat monthly or annual fee per library and obtain unlimited access to the training programs it contains. You can train as many operators as you want.

What does this mean to you from a budgeting standpoint? Usually, web-based training programs are priced on a per-use basis, which makes it a variable cost. In contrast, with this new model, you pay one fixed monthly or annual fee per library and get unlimited access to the programs it contains. Simple. Easy to budget for.

Silver Series programs can still be purchased on a per-use basis. Simply select the program you want, pay via credit card and start viewing it immediately.

Visit the Silver Series web page and see what's new

What's next?

More Silver series programs are under development. Watch this blog for more details!

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