Crawler excavator safety: Own it with this best practices training program

August 4, 2014  |  Best Practices, Products

Crawler Excavator Safe Operating TechniquesThe crawler excavator has become so common on job sites today that it's easy to take it for granted. In well-trained hands, it can be amazingly productive. But with a less-experienced operator behind the controls, the excavator can present some significant safety challenges. Here are several examples:

  • The offset location of the cab means it has a large blind spot
  • The counterweight of a crawler excavator typically overhangs the undercarriage, which means laborers working nearby need to stay outside of its swing radius
  • An excavator can become unstable when working on slopes

To help your operators work safely with these popular machines, VISTA is pleased to offer you a 15% discount during August on our Crawler Excavator Safe Operating Techniques training program.

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