Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor Kit - Forklift (Standard)

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Completely redesigned in 2018-19. Now includes hands-on Forklift evaluation forms and guidelines for on-the-equipment operator evaluation as well as unlimited printing of over 25 training documents.

Training is not a destination. It's a Jurnee™.

This complete Forklift operator safety training package lets you begin conducting professional training immediately. It's ideal for instructors who don't have time to create their own materials.

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EachForklift Instructor Kit annual license (one per trainer) includes:

Unlimited use and printing ofForklift materials

2 to 4 hours of Forklift presentation screens (turn narrator on/off)

Forklift Trainer and student guides - print any quantity, any time

Forklift Operator hands-on training evaluation forms and guidelines on how to use

Forklift Operator exam test - online and/or printable

Course completion certificate template helps with OSHA recordkeeping requirements

Over 25 printableForklift operator training documents in all

Pays for itself by helping to lower equipment damage and minimize time spent in the field covering introductory information on individual basis.

A complete forklift training instructor "tool kit" for teaching standard sit-down counterbalance forklift operation or for refresher training of experiencedForklift operators. ProvidesForklift instructors who don't have time to develop their own equipment operation and safety training programs, a comprehensive training presentation and a complete set ofForklift learner materials. ThisForklift instructor kit applies to municipalities, mines and quarries and general construction - basically, any entity that owns this equipment. It covers a wide variety ofForklift machine brands and working conditions.

Many customers have told us they have experienced people on staff who can teachForklift equipment operation andForklift safety topics, but they often lack the time and / or skills to develop a professionalForklift training program. That is why ourForklift training tool kits include "everything but the instructor"


  • Lesson 1 - Introduction
  • Lesson 2 - Major Components
  • Lesson 3 - Machine Stability
  • Lesson 4 - Data Plate
  • Lesson 5 - Operator and Workplace
  • Lesson 6 - Operation
  • Lesson 7 - Final Exam

For Course Objectives and complete Course Map of covered topics, click the green button and view the pictures.
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Additional course materials included

Trainer Materials:

  • 1 - Forklift Trainer's Guide
  • 2 - Attendance Roster
  • 3 - ForkliftCourse Objectives
  • 4 - ForkliftDiscussion Guide
  • 5 - ForkliftVISTA Course Program Map
  • 6 - ForkliftReconnect Topics
  • 7 - ForkliftPre-use Inspection Evaluation Checklist
  • 8 - ForkliftPre-use Inspection Evaluation Guidelines
  • 9 -Forklift Operations Evaluation Checklist
  • 10 - ForkliftOperations Evaluation Guidelines
  • 11 - Forklift Operational Tasks Evaluation Checklist
  • 12 - ForkliftOperational Tasks Evaluation Guideline
  • 13 - ForkliftOperator Final Evaluation
  • 14 - International Symbols Key
  • 15 - ForkliftFinal Exam
  • 16 - ForkliftFinal Exam Answer Key
  • 17 - Forklift Certificate of Completion
  • 18 - Forklift Certificate of Completion Wallet Cards

Student Materials:

  • 1 - ForkliftStudent's Guide
  • 2 - ForkliftCourse Objectives
  • 3 - ForkliftVISTA Course Program Map
  • 4 - ForkliftPre-use Inspection Evaluation Checklist
  • 5 - Forklift Pre-use Inspection Evaluation Guidelines
  • 6 - ForkliftOperations Evaluation Checklist
  • 7 - ForkliftOperations Evaluation Guidelines
  • 8 - ForkliftOperational Tasks Evaluation Checklist
  • 9 - ForkliftOperational Tasks Evaluation Guidelines
  • 10 - International Symbols Key

NEW: Included online self-study option-Minimize classroom time

Features and Benefits of Jurnee™ Forklift Instructor Kits

Features of Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor Kits
  1. COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL FORKLIFT PACKAGE: Includes "Everything but the Instructor"
  2. STRUCTURED FORKLIFT OPERATOR TRAINING: Formal lesson plan with checklists, forms and guidelines
  3. AVAILABILITY: Easy access to allForklift training materials 24/7
  4. EASY PRINTING: PrintableForklift Trainer and Student Guides (and lots more)
Benefits of Jurnee™ by VISTA Forklift Instructor Kits
- Raise the level of professionalism of yourForklift operator training program.
- Save time - why developForklift training programs from scratch.
- Provide yourForklift operators with structured, more consistent safety training.
- Helps create a basis for required OSHA training records
- Projectable and printableForklift training materials - available anytime, anywhere.

Optional:Our instructors travel the world and can assist you with your on-site training needs forconstructionandmining.

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