NOTE: The following instructor kits are not compatible with a dual monitor setup when using Windows 10 operating systems:
Backhoe Loader, Crawler Dozer, Crawler Excavator, Motor Grader, Skid Steer, Transporting Construction, Wheel Loader, Wheeled Excavator.

License Details for VISTA Instructor Kits

VISTA Instructor Kits contain copyrighted materials, which means you will purchase a license for use by any number of people / instructors on ONE computer.

Once you have received your Instructor Kit and instructions (instructions included inside your disc case.) VISTA will assist with installing/unlocking your program on the designated computer, (one time requirement). Additional licenses are sold separately, contact VISTA for more information.

Recommended minimum computer system requirements

  • Windows (7, VISTA or XP, etc)
  • Pentium III with 256 megabytes memory or better (desktop or laptop systems newer than 2002)
  • Most monitors or flat panel displays or projectors (set at 1024 by 768 pixels or 1280 by 1024 pixels. Other settings may work)
  • 32 megabytes video card (or higher) and speakers
  • Windows Media Player 8.0 or better (PowerDVD and Dell Media Experience V2.1 or better will also work)
  • DVD drive (8x read capability or better), most CD drives will work

Kit discs will NOT work in a standard DVD player. A computer is required.

Contact us for more information

For more information about the licenses for VISTA's instructor kits, please contact us at 800-942-2886 or 262-514-2886, or send us an e-mail message.

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