Off-Highway Haul Truck Simulator Controls

The off-highway haul truck simulator is designed to be used with two styles of controls, which provide different levels of realism, portability and cost:

PC Controls

Logitech G-27 steering wheel Logitech G-27 shifter Logitech G-27 pedals

PC Controls are inexpensive and transportable. The Logitech G27 steering wheel comes with a gear shifter with pushbuttons and foot pedals that can be used to control the simulator via a USB port on your computer. You can configure the middle pedal to be used as a retarder pedal. The throttle control of a Logitech Attack 3 joystick can also be configured to serve as the retarder.

Replica industrial-style controls

Off-Highway Truck Simulator Replica Controls Setup

Replica controls begin with the Logitech G27 racing wheel, three pedal set, and gear shifter with pushbuttons, connected to your computer via a USB port. For the retarder, VISTA recommends a retarder lever that consists of an industrial USB joystick and a matching tabletop mounting bracket, as shown in the picture. The price of the retarder joystick is USD$1,100 and its mounting bracket adds USD$365; the combination costs just USD$1,465 (plus shipping/handling and applicable taxes). Lead time is six to eight weeks.

operator chair for off-highway and mining truck simulatorsNEW: Operator Chair

A new operator chair is available that provides an even more realistic operating environment for mining truck and off-highway truck simulator trainees. It features an authentic, adjustable operator seat with air suspension, adjustable steering column, industrial style pedals, and integrated consoles for the parking brake, hoist control and transmission levers. All components are mounted on an industrial platform with casters, for easy portability. The operator chair can easily be reconfigured to work with other personal simulators offered by VISTA Training.

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